Helpline Numbers for Jazz, Telenor, Zong, Ufone, Warid for Mobile & PTCL/Landline

5 Telecos are battling in Pakistan to get more and more strong foothold in Pakistani market, and for this purpose they are up with lucrative packages, free offers and surprise gifts.

Amid many other factors working to create strong relation between Telcom service provider and customer is through helpline number, when customer contacts the provider for a solution, updates, or some other issues.

Telecom service provider greet them and are always keen to sort out the issue of their customer. Attendants and Officials are 24/7 available for the customers, so you can get your queries undone by just simply making a call.

Helpline Numbers for Jazz, Telenor, Zong, Ufone, Warid for Mobile & PTCL/Landline

Jazz Helpline Number for Mobile Customers, PTCL, Landline and Blackberry customers

Helpline for existing customers:

Helpline for new customers:

Blackberry Helpline:

Zong Helpline Number for Mobile Customers, PTCL, Landline customers

For any queries, information, request or valuable feedback, you can call 310 from your Zong number OR dial 111-222-111 from any landline/mobile number (with the area code).

Warid Helpline Number for Mobile Customers, PTCL, Landline customers

Dial 321 (Mobile cosutomers) it costs 60 Paisas per call (Incl. Tax) & additional Rs.1.79 (Incl. Tax) for customer service representative, if accessing from a Prepaid Connection. You can also call us at 111-111-321 from any landline/other mobile number

Telenor Helpline Number for Mobile Customers, PTCL, Landline customers

Telenor Mobile Customers can call 345 from your Telenor number 24 hours a day,whereas Landline customers will have to dial 92-42-111-345-100 for helpline.

Ufone Helpline Number for Mobile Customers, PTCL, Landline customers

For queries, information or feedback Mobile customers can call Ufone Call Center by dialing 333 from their Ufone Postpay or 033-11-333-100 from landline number.

Telenor gets 100% ownership of Tameer Bank

Tameer Bank is regarded as the country’s first and largest microfinance bank. The bank set operational back in 2005 is now 100% owned by one of the largest telecos of Pakistan, Telenor.

Prior to that, 51 per cent of shares of the bank  were owned by the Norwegian telecommunication company Telenor, and now they have acquired the entire Tameer Bank.

As mentioned above Tameer bank is the largest microfinace bank of the country. Back in 2009, Tameer Bank teamed up with Telenor to unveil their mutual product Easy Paisa, which turned out to be game changer in payment regarding methods in Pakistan.

According to the sources, before the final acquisition by Telenor, 49 percent of the sharers where held by the CEO of the Bank Nadeem Hussain and others. Whereas, Telenor was even having 51% of the total share of the Tameer Bank.

“With the collaboration between Tameer and Telenor, Easypaisa has become a global example of innovation in bringing financial inclusion through mobile. We acknowledge this acquisition as a testament of our growth in Pakistan and the reward affiliated to it – empower societies.” said Tine Wollebekk, Head of Financial Services, Telenor Group. “This acquisition gives us an even stronger platform to provide wide scale financial services to the unbanked population in the country.”

“Tameer has fundamentally changed the face of Financial Inclusion in Pakistan. The team has built an effective model that will serve as a global benchmark for years to come. I have immense pride in what we have been able to achieve so far, and am confident that Tameer will continue to grow successfully,” said Nadeem Hussain.

Michael Foley, Chairman Board of Directors Tameer Microfinance Bank and CEO Telenor Pakistan said, “Tameer’s team is making a contribution to the nation and millions of Pakistanis owe their access to financial services, and the empowerment that comes with it.”

Easypaisa’s Easypay is a game changer as it allows NFC Payments

You might be hearing about revolution coming through the smartphones popularity all around, although smarthphones are not the only one to be credited with it as there are many other factors which are rapidly changing our life style.

As mentioned above the rapid growth in smartphone users in Pakistan have allowed many other services to go live in Pakistan. Out of all of them, we can’t deny the fact that most priorly it has changed our payment methods. If you know what I mean, according to the official report upheld by State Bank of Pakistan, 39% of rise in mobile account users is being witnessed in first quarter of 2015.

And the other thing which reveals that Pakistanis are changing the way they spend money as many prefer utilizing mobile accounts. It can be further exemplified by the latest report initiated by World Bank, which states that Pakistan leads South Asia in Mobile Money.

With all such changes, Easy Paisa, the leading mobile account of Pakistan brought an innovation to the market by unleashing NFC Payments plan, to what they call EasyPay.

Telenor possessed  EasyPaisa has been setting trends in the field of commerce and with addition of NFC payments they have been once again proving their inventiveness to open up new doors and services for Pakistani customers.

On 27 August 2015, they introduced the EasyPay NFC (Near Field Communication) at Dolmen Mall and Ocean Mall in Karachi. According to so far the updates, still this initiative is in preliminary stages to get popular among masses. But yet it is a bold step, which will truly be changing the old patterns of how we shop.

EasyPay NFC, is a n ultimate new way in Pakistan which allows the users to shop and pay it with just  tapping a smartphone, even though no Cards and hard Cash is needed.

The most fascinating thing about this plan is that it is secure plan of paying of what you have shop, although still its publicizing as the retailers also need NFC supported device to get the amount transacted.

How to Get Started with Easypay

To Pay The Easy Way, you require an Easypaisa Mobile Account and an Easypay NFC tag (not mandatory, but it’s cool to have it on your phone!)

Get an Easypaisa Mobile Account
  • Dial *345*3737# on your biometrically registered Telenor SIM
  • In case you do not have a Telenor SIM, please visit your nearest Telenor Sales and Service Center, Franchise or Retailer
Deposit Funds into Your Account
  • Deposit Funds at 70,000+ Easypaisa Shops across Pakistan for FREE
  • Transfer Funds via IBFT from any Bank Account in Pakistan. Select Tameer Bank as the Bank and enter your Mobile Account Number as the account number
  • Money Transfer from any existing Easypaisa Account Holder
Get an Easypay NFC Tag
  • Call 3737 from your Telenor Number OR
  • Type “EP” and send it to 422.
  • Our team will get in touch with you to activate your NFC Tag.

Telenor introduces Internet Easyload Service

Telenor Pakistan, undoubtedly have the largest internet users nationwide and their Internet initiatives are also somewhat behind their success. The Norwegian based company has the strong hold in different global markets and is recognized as one the largest Telecos globally.

Telenor has yet introduced another initiative, called Internet Easyload Service, which allows customers to get balance simply via Easyload and get it just dedicated for their internet usage. The other thing about this account is that you can neither take amount back from your internet dedicated balance and nor you can avail this by sharing or getting a card recharge.

Simply, you just have to charge your Internet Easyload, the very same way as you previously get the simple Easyload service. And further, you can get this dedicated balance for your internet usage.

In simple words, it is a kind of separate wallet, which allows you to get kind of a different account in which the balance is completely dedicated for the internet consumption.

The offer can be availed by the postpaid customers, Djuice and Telenor both and the handiest thing about is that you don’t have to get pre-registration or dial any code to avail such a beneficial service.

Price for using this dedicated internet is Rs 1 per 1 MB and this plan is applicable on both the 2G and 3G internet users of Telenor from any part of the country.

This internet balance is the very first service of its own kind gone live in Pakistan and none other than one of the top Telecos of Pakistan, Telenor have initiated it.

Here’s the chart which will further be clearing the Telenor’s initiative as it tells about the Internet Easyload amounts available to the subscriber.



  • Internet balance can be checked by *2000#.
  • Customers who don’t have internet settings activated can SMS ‘internet’ to 131 to get internet settings for their device.

After Telenor, Zong Launched Free Basics in Pakistan

Just like Telenor Pakistan, Zong has also officially launched the in Pakistan. Zong and officially announced the collaboration with Facebook to connect the Pakistanis with the internet. Now Zong is also the part of Free Basics. According to a press release by Zong Pakistan, this Free Basic service will remain the same as it is for the subscribers of Telenor.

Now the subscribers of Zong can also enjoy the almost 22 free internet services in Pakistan that are regarding health, local jobs, news, sports, Facebook, education, entertainment and few other services. According to statement by Zong, “All Zong users will exclusively be able to use the Facebook website and application for free by switching between “Free” & “Data”Free-Facebook-inner-Banner

Zong Free Basics Price:

Zong Free Basics is free of charge. All customer of Zong will be provided with 3G & 4G speeds in this package without having balance in the account.

How to Subscribe for Zong Free Basics:

As per the statement by Zong, there is no hard and fast system for the subscription. This service is available for all users by default.

Zong Free Basics Available Websites:

As mentioned above, all those websites that are free by the for Pakistan and that was being offered by the Telenor are also the part of the Zong Free Basics.

Here is the complete list:

  1. Facebook
  2. Facebook Messenger
  3. Accuweather
  4. BBC News
  5. Bing
  6. OLX
  7. Damadam
  8. com
  9. ESPN Cricinfo
  10. Facts for Life
  11. Girl Effect
  12. iLearn
  13. Wikipedia
  14. Ilm Ki Dunya
  15. com
  16. SmartBsiness
  17. Socialblood
  18. Translator
  19. UrduPoint Cooking
  20. org
  21. Worldreader
  22. Youth Opportunities

For more details, visit: from Mobile

Telenor SIM Lagao Offer 2015: 1,000 MB Internet, Minutes & SMS

Telenor communication network is the real trend setter and market leader in terms of innovation and customer experience. Nowadays, Telenor telecommunication network is facilitating their customer with a service named as “Telenor SIM lagao Offer 2015”. The subscribers can enjoy fastest networks connectivity using FREE minutes, SMS and high-Speed 3G/2G internet with Telenor SIM Lagao Offer 2015.

 Telenor SIM Lagao Offer 2015

  • 2G/3G Internet: 1000 MB
  • On net Minutes: 1000
  • Validity Days: 10
  • SMS: 1000

Offer Eligibility

  • Only Telenor SIM holders are illegible to avail this service.
  • Telenor SIM holders who have not done any activity since July 18, 2015 can enjoy this campaign.

 Telenor SIM Lagao Offer 2015 Subscription Method

  • Call IVR 2222 (charges are Rs. 0.20 + tax).


  • Type SMS “FREE” and send on 2222.


  • Validity for internet minutes: 10 days after the free minutes have been posted to the subscriber’s account.
  • Validity for SMS: 10 days after the free SMS have been posted to the subscriber’s account.
  • Validity for MB: 10 days after the free MB have been posted to the subscriber’s account.

Terms and Conditions

  • Telenor SIM Lagao Offer.
  • The only prepaid user of Telenor SIM holders can subscribe for this offer.
  • Telenor SIM holders who have not done any activity since18th July, 2015, can enjoy this campaign.
  • Subscribers who have subscribed for this offer before April 8, 2015 (and have not done any activity since July 18, 2015) can subscribe this offer again.
  • 84% extra charges will be charged in Federal Territory, Baluchistan, AJK and Gilgit Baltistan region.
  • The bonus will be posted on the same day when the offer will be subscribed.
  • Free minutes can be only used for Telenor to Telenor.
  • Free minutes can not be used for other local mobile operators or PTCL.
  • Free SMS can be used for Telenor to Telenor and Telenor to other local mobile operators.

Method of Checking Account Information of FREE minutes, SMS and high-Speed 3G/2G internet with Telenor SIM Lagao Offer 2015

The process of checking account information is given below:

  • Free minutes can be checked through USSD *222#.
  • Free MB balance can be checked through USSD *999#.
  • Free SMS balance can be checked through USSD *111#.

Smart Share: How to Share Balance from Telenor to Telenor

Telenor is one of the largest cellular companies in Pakistan. Just like other cellular companies operating in Pakistan, Telenor also lets its subscribers share their Telenor balance to other Telenor SIM users. This balance share service is named as the Smart Share by the Telenor. However, this balance share service is for prepaid subscribers only. Postpaid customers are not allowed to get benefit from this service.

Smart Share service of Telenor is launched by the Telenor with the aim of assisting the users to help their friends and family members in time of emergency if they are running short of balance or out of balance. So, if you are such type of person who wants to help others by transferring the balance to others then Telenor Smart Share service is a platform that makes you the true hero of your friend and family members.

Telenor to Telenor Balance Share Process

Below is the process of transferring credits to your friends and family members.

Step 1: Type *1*1*923@@@@@@@@@*Amount# and press or tap call button (Note: 923@@@@@@@@@ is the mobile number of the recipient)

Step 2: Press 1 when it asked for confirmation to confirm the balance transfer

Above mentioned process can be simply learned as: If you want to share a balance of Rs. 150 then type *1*1*923451234567*150# and press 1 to confirm the transfer.

Telenor to Telenor Balance Share Charges:

Charges for each transaction of Telenor to Telenor balance share are Rs. 3.99+Tax (approx. Rs. 5).

Terms, Conditions and Limitations for Telenor to Telenor Balance Share

Terms, conditions and limitations for Telenor to Telenor balance share are as follows:

  • This service is only for prepaid subscribers
  • Balance can be share from one Telenor number to another Telenor number only
  • Minimum balance share limit is Rs. 15 and maximum amount is Rs. 200.
  • Only 03 transactions for balance share are allowed for a day.
  • Balance validity will be same as it was when sender recharged the mobile balance.
  • 3.99+Tax will be deducted automatically from the shared amount.
  • In the case of a wrong number or wrong amount, Telenor will not be responsible to pay back the amount.

Easypaisa introduces ‘Doorstep Money Transfer’, which enables money delivery to the receivers doorstep

The proficient and leader in the field- Easypaisa has come up with another initiative, which other counterparts might not have thought about, the new service ‘Doorstep Money Transfer’ enables money transfer receivers to receive money at the comfort of their homes within 1 working day.

The Easypaisa has vast network countrywide, even in the villages and remote areas, it has more than 70,000 Easypaisa shops all around the Pakistan.

The Doorstep delivery to the receiver is a positive point as due to some reason receivers can’t go to the Easypaisa shops to get money, this service provides money to the receivers at their doorstep.

There are no extra charges over the service then the usual service charges, which changes with the amount of money you sent.

To enable this all what a sender have to do is to call at Easypaisa’s helpline 3737 or 111-345-100 and request for the Doorstep Service and then send the money from nearby Easypaisa shop. Further Easypaisa will be managing it to make its reach to the place you want. The service is only available for domestic remittances of over Rs. 25,00 only.

Not to forget Easypaisa is the joint venture of Tameer Micofinance Bank and Telenor Pakistan.

CEO Tameer Microfinance Bank Nadeem Hussain

CEO Tameer
CEO Tameer Microfinance Bank Nadeem Hussain

“Easypaisa’s phenomenal mobile financial services infrastructure has opened avenues for the Pakistani people that simply did not exist before. Social empowerment continues to be the driving vision behind Easypaisa, and countless Pakistanis have benefited from the empowerment that mobile financial services offer.” CEO Tameer Microfinance Bank Nadeem Hussain.


Telenor 6-month paid maternity leave policy to take effect from January 01, 2016

For multinational organization, it is very important to adopt international organizational culture as it helps them to keep step in every country. Following the same principle and boosting the skills of female, Telenor has decided to adopt six month paid maternity leave policy as being adopted at international level. This six month policy will be adopted by Telenor as a minimum standard at its 13 markets across the globe.

The main advantage of the policy will be taken by the Asian employees as the current practices are operative in the European market, however, in near future newly proposed initiative will be launched for European market.

This new policy will be effective from January 1, 2016. At present, 36% of the Telenor is consists of women. At present, Telenor has 33,000 employees around the globe. This decision will have a great effect on the Telenor’s Asia operations as it will keep the women staff with Telenor because the women will be given payment leave.

President and CEO of Telenor Group, Sigve Brekke, said, “This is about strengthening Telenor’s competitiveness in the markets where we operate. In order to do that, we rely on attracting the best talent from diverse backgrounds. We know that a diverse workforce drives innovation and better performance. With the goal of ensuring that our organization better reflects the world we live in, and in order to attract, retain, and develop female leadership talent, we are instituting a minimum six-month paid maternity leave as standard for our employees everywhere we operate. This will represent a significant difference in markets such as Thailand and India, where local regulations require only three months of maternity leave. We consider it a highly strategic move, both from a societal and a business perspective.”Telenor

Telenor leadership has of the point of view that diversity in the workplace opens the door of advantages and opportunities and ultimately improved the financial performance of the enterprise. According to recent business study: “companies in the top quartile of diversity are more likely to have returns above their national industry medians.”

Short codes for Mobile Networks in Pakistan

In the beginning of the mobile phone services in Pakistan, for changing and getting new offers the way was only to call at call center. But now with time the systems have been improved by each network. Specific codes are assigned for specific packages of internet, messages and calls. Here is the list of codes of each network for different bundles, subscriptions and packages.

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Service Code
Check Balance *111#


Packages USSD String
Mobilink Jazz Budget *301#
Mobilink Jazz One *302#
Mobilink Jazz Easy *305#
Mobilink Champions *337#

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Prepaid 3G Bundles

Sr. Bundles Subscription Code Bundle Status Code**
1 Daily Lite Internet *114*14# *114*14*2#
2 3G Daily*** *117*1# *117*1*2#
3 3G Daily Super*** *117*4# *117*4*2#
4 3G 3-Day*** *117*3# *117*3*2#
5 3G Weekly*** *117*7# *117*7*2#
6 3G Weekly Super *117*77# *117*77*2#
7 3G Monthly – Lite*** *117*31# *117*31*2#
8 3G Monthly – Heavy*** *117*30# *117*30*2#
9 3G Monthly – Super**** *117*32# *117*32*2#
10 3G Hybrid Monthly *117*40# *117*40*2#

 Mobile Internet Package Plans 

Sr. Name To Subscribe To Un-subscribe
1 Daily Bundle2 *114*1# *114*1*4#
2 3-Day Bundle *114*8# *114*8*4#
3 Weekly Bundle *114*7# *114*7*4#
4 Mini Bundle3 *114*3# *114*3*4#
5 Late Night Offer2 *114*2# *114*2*4#
6 Daily Social Bundle *114*5# *114*5*4#
7 3-Day Social Bundle *114*17# *114*17*4#
8 One Day Bundle *114*13# *114*13*4#
9 Nimbuzz Bundle *114*12# *114*12*4#
10 Monthly Bundle *114*30# *114*30*4#
11 Super Monthly Bundle2 *114*33# *114*33*4#
12 3-Month Bundle *114*19# *114*19*4#
13 Pay As You Go4

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Service Code
Balance Check *124#


Service Shortcode Number
1.      Daily Package SUB 605
2.      Fortnightly Package SUB 603
3.      Unlimited Package SUB 607
4.      Yearly SMS Package SUB 601
5.      Uth SMS FnF Package SUB 604
6.      Uth Daily SMS Package SUB 612
7.      Weekly SMS Bucket SUB 608
8.      Daily On-net SMS Package SUB 611
9.      Night Package SUB 609
10.  45 Day SMS Bucket SUB 614

Social Data Buckets 


Bucket Name Subscription Code


Social Daily Bucket *4242# UNSUB to 5444
Social Monthly Bucket *5858# N/A

 Postpaid Offers

Service Shortcode Number
1.      Ufone Talkville SUB 2500
2.      Unlimited PTCL Bucket SUB 7500
3.      Freedom Bucket 400 SUB 4500
4.      Freedom Bucket 1000 SUB 6500
5.      Monthly SMS Package SUB 610

3G Postpaid Tariff

Bucket Name Subscription Code
1.      Postpaid 1GB *4547#
2.      Postpaid 3GB *805#
3.      Postpaid 5GB *7550#
4.      Postpaid 10GB *8550#



Service Shortcode
Data Usage Check *102#
Balance Check *222#


Service Number
1.      Social Pack 6464
2.      Facebook Daily Bundle 6464
3.      Whatsapp Daily Bundle 6464
4.      Twitter Daily Bundle 6464
5.      Classified Pack 6464

SMS Bundles

Service Number
1.      Hello Package *2200#, and reply with 1
2.      Hello 7-day Package *2200#, and reply with 3
3.      Weekly SMS package SUB to 700, and reply with 2
4.      15-day SMS package SUB to 700, and reply with 3
5.      Zong Unlimited SMS offer SUB to 701

Content Bundles

Service Shortcode Number
1.      Social Pack social 6464
2.      Facebook Daily Bundle fb daily 6464
3.      Whatsapp Daily Bundle wp daily 6464
4.      Twitter Daily Bundle tw daily 6464
5.      Classified Pack CFD 6464


Service Shortcode Number
1.      777 Offer sub777 6464
2.      Lahore Data Offer lhr 6464
3.      Good Night Offer gno 6464
4.      3 Days Free Trial dbfree 6464
5.      All-in-One Internet Bundles *6464#



Service Shortcode Number
1.      Billing Information – Postpaid B 321
2.      Help Help 321
3.      Balance Check – Prepaid *100#
4.      Tariff Confirmation Tariff 321
5.      GPRS Activation GPRS 7070
6.      Missed Call Alerts Activation MCA On 129
7.      International Roaming SMS Activation IRSMSON 129

SMS Bundles

Service Shortcode Number
1.      Daily SMS Bundle DS 3333
2.      Weekly SMS Bundle WS 3333


Service Shortcode Number
1.      Daily Bundles – 2 MB, 15 MB, Unlimited 2 MB, 15 MB or UL 7777
2.      Weekly Bundles WM 7777
3.      Monthly Bundles – 10 MB, 100 MB, 500 MB, 2 GB 10 MB, 100 MB, 500 MB or 2GB 7777
4.      Unlimited Facebook and Whatsapp FW 7777

Postpaid Offers

Service Shortcode Number
1.      Free For 3 ADD  0321XXXXXXX 2129
2.      Free Double Bundle Offer double 4000
3.      48 Paisa IDD Offer ON 4343
4.      Zoom Limited ZOOMLA 4000
5.      Zoom Unlimited ZOOMULA 4000


Service Code
1.      Balance Inquiry *444#
2.      SMS Balance Inquiry *111#
3.      Internet Data Inquiry *999#
4.      Minutes Balance Inquiry *222#
5.      Check Package Plan 345
6.      Migration from Telenor talkshawk to Djuice 345

SMS Bundles

Service Number
1.      3 Day 3 Ka Scene Offer *030#
2.      Daily 3 Ka Scene Offer *345*031#

Social Media Buckets

Service Number
1.      Hourly Dailymotion Bundle *345*138#
2.      Social Pack *5*325#

Postpaid Offers

Service Number
1.      SMS Bundle 30 *345*761*
2.      SMS Bundle 60 *345*762*
3.      SMS Bundle 400 *345*764#
4.      Internet 100 *345*481*
5.      Internet 200 *345*482*
6.      Internet 350 *345*483*


Service Number
1.      djuice Download Offer *345*907#
2.      3G Daily Plus Bundle *345*132#
3.      Talkshawk 2G Daily Bundle *345*932#
4.      All in One Offer *2*20#
5.      3G Connect Daily *345*4000#


Telenor Launches Monthly EasyCard of Rs. 300

Telenor has also launched a monthly card, pricing Rs. 300, which allows its users to get specified off-net, on-net and mobile internet resources by following Ufone, Warid and Zong. Here are its complete details given below:

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Details of the Offer: Telenor EasyCard offers convenience and great value so you can get Rs. 20 balance in addition to the following:

  • 500 minutes, for both Telenor and PTCL calls.
  • 500 SMS for all local networks.
  • 500 MB internet, usable for 2G/3G.
  • 50 other local mobile network minutes.

Terms and Conditions of the Offer:

  • The offer shall be valid for 30 days with each re-subscription enhancing the validity by up to 30 days from the time the offer is re-subscribed.
  • The offer can be re-subscribed, with each subsequent re-subscription adding to the previous resources.
  • Customers who take this offer shall have their existing recharge validity enhanced up to a maximum of 90 days.
  • Call set-up charges shall not be applicable on any resources within this offer.
  • Customers can check their free resources within the offer by dialing free string *123#
  • Postpaid customers loading this card/easyload shall get balance as per on-going business practice(i.e. stated balance after relevant tax and service charge deductions).
  • Customers may use any other offer along with this offer.
  • Customers who have an outstanding loan amount, shall have their Rs. 20 balance adjusted with loan repayment amount.

Offer Eligibility: All prepaid customers (Talkshawk and djuice) are eligible for this offer.

How to Subscribe:

  • Easyload:Ask your nearest retailer for ‘EasyCard’ recharge. The retailer will directly subscribe you to this offer.
  • Scratch Card: Ask your nearest retailer for the ‘EasyCard’ and load this card to subscribe to the offer.

Like any regular scratch card, you can load this Card by dialing *555*<14 digit code on card>#.

Validity: Card’s validity is 30 days.