Ashir Azeem’s Maalik film banned across Pakistan, Twitter shouts

One of the most hyped films of this year, Ashir Azeem’s ‘Maalik’ hit the screens around three weeks ago (on April 8).

The film’s box office collection and the critics reviews tells that film did’t lived it up to the hopes, but the film wasn’t for all this, Ashir Azeem the man behind this film earlier told that he isn’t conscious about the business or something else.

The Dhuwan drama fame was with aim to spread his message with the film, but here it is something gone wrong as the film is in some serious trouble, earlier on Tuesday the film was banned by the Sindh Board of Film Certification (SBFC)  but later the decision was reversed just within few hours .

Now up the latest this film is being banned by the Ministry of Information, Broadcasting, and National Heritage. The film was banned by the authority under the Section 9 of the Motion Pictures Ordinance, 1979.

Ashir Azeem on Twitter posted the official announcement of the authorities regarding the ban on this film:

Twitter isn’t liking the move by the Government, they are shouting against it.

Twitter Reactions:













Facebook, Twitter lags behind, Snapchat most popular among teens

Today world without social media would be the most harsh thing to believe for the Humans, as everyone is all busy with it, opting his won choice and using it in way he/she likes most. As the social networking sites are increasing, the initiators of these platforms often try to introduce new ideas to grab more and more users attention.

It is a well known fact that these social media platforms have something to offer to the people of different group stages.

A latest survey unveiled has dethroned Facebook as the most popular social networking platform, in this survey Facebook is not even among the Top 3 famous social media sites right now. The survey by Piper Jaffray called “Taking Stock with Teens” is about the popular social media networking sites among teenagers. And according to this years survey Snapchat is the most famous social networking platform.

The survey was conducted on 6500 teens in US, revealed that around 28% of teen opted Snapchat as the most important social network. The second according to the survey was Facebook-owned Instagram with 27% teens choosing it.

Twitter was third on the list with 18% votes whereas Facebook, which has more than 1.6 Billion users was on the fourth slot with 17% teens going with it.

The others on the list were, Tumblr and Pinterest with getting 2% of teen attraction, and Google+ with only 1% votes.

‘Raees’ stars, Mahira Khan & Shah Rukh Khan’s banter will make your day

Raees is in the news for all the positives, especially the lead cast of the film has made it even more clearer and brighter for the Indo-Pak moviegoers.

The film all set to release on Eid-ul-Fitar 2016 is one of the must watch this year. The lead cast comprises of Shah Rukh Khan, Mahira Khan and Nawazuddin Siddiqui, and a special item number will be performed by the gorgeous Sunny Leone along with the King Khan himself.

Yet now, officially posters or teasers possessing the lead are not out but the fans are chiming around to get even a sneak peak of their favorite stars in the film.

Mahira Khan, who is up to make her Bollywood debut with starring Raees opposite SRK is also climbing the success tree rapidly as few of people just get a chance to open their career with such a big-wig cast.

34-years old Pakistani actress have experienced humongous success in Pakistan film industry and with some very strong indications it seem that she will be shaking the B-town all over.

SRK, yesterday on Twitter told that the shooting of Raees has been wrapped up, and at the same time he showed his love for the cast and Crew of film Raees.

What come next was a superb reply from Pakistani actress Mahira Khan’s side who showed her witty side plus gave an important advice to his co-star.

Mahira Khan’s ‘love’ for SRK on Twitter

First Time in Pakistan: Mobilink launches Self-Care service on Twitter

The largest cellular service provider in Pakistan, Mobilink introduces another initiative which is never earlier arrived to Pakistani telecom markets.

In the latest initiative, Mobilink recognizing the fever of social media in Pakistan, teams up with Twitter to introduce self care services on Twitter. The service provides answers of the customers queries directly to their Twitter inbox without any wait for the manual response.

In daily routine, people regularly want to acquire the current status of their SIM’s, like the ongoing package, new offers, internet bundles and much more. And most of them doing so land themselves in trouble while dialing the wrong code for the results they waiting for. And further more they call any friend to get the exact code required to know about the status, and if unluckily the person also doesn’t know it then they have to dial in to talk at Mobilink call center. Without any doubt, this creates a trouble and hassle for the customer.

But with self care service you can just DM to Mobilink writing the question written in hash tag, it gives you the fast forward results.

How to subscribe to the self service on Twitter?

  • At the place where search Twitter is written, you just simply have to type Mobilink and you will get the suggestion for it.
  • Follow the Mobilink (officially proven with Tick) (@Mobilink).
  • Write #Mobilinkcare and direct message/inbox to the Mobilink.
  • Further follow the instructions provided by Mobilink in yours inbox.

What queries can customer ask about?

  • #Balance: Get information about your current balance
  • #Mypackage: Get information about your existing voice and Internet plans
  • #internetoffers: Get information about Mobilink’s popular Internet offers available
  • #voiceoffers: Get information about Mobilink’s popular voice offers
  • #smsoffers: Get information about Mobilink’s popular sms plans/offers available
  • #newoffer: Get information about Mobilink’s new offers (Internet, voice, SMS)

Note: Hashtag compulsory

Punjab government launches Pakistan’s first ever govermental job portal

It is well known that providing employment to its citizen is also one of the reasons behind bringing harmony and prosperity to the country.

Looking at stats, currently the unemployment rate of Pakistan is 6% which was previously 6.75%, it seems that the current government is seriously trying to overcome this social and economical problem.

Taking a fast look at the unemployment rate in Pakistan of several years, it is clearly obsetved that as much the currently unemployment rate have dropped from 6.75% to 6.00% that means the government is looking at this crisis seriously. The decase in uployment as compared to previous year has faced the change of 12.5% which means a lot as comparing to the previous ratios.

From loan schemes to Cab schemes, from enternship to giving free professional training to the students, Punjab government has been up with many moreto eradicate this criticial issue. Recently, they are up with Online Job Portal, which is the first ever job site at governmental level in Pakistan. This innovative intiative of Punjab Government is very similar to those many of the Job Portal sites in Pakistan as they work as mediator in between job seekers and Job providers.

The online job portal will be supervised by the Labour & Human Resource Department of the Government of Punjab is intrpreted as a great step by many of the anlyasts. On the website, jobs are categorised in dozens categories which will make more easier for the one in search of job.

Beside that the people, organizations or companies need the employees can also post the ads overthere for free.


Official website of  Punjab Online Job Portal

The Punjab online portal also shows its presnce on social sites, you can also stay updated with it Facebook and Twitter

Instagram reaches 5 lakh users in Pakistan

Instagram has become one of the most rapidly growing social network, even it has crossed the Facebook in means of growth rate. The photo sharing app, founded in 2010, reached 400 million users worldwide September this year. Making it the fastest social platform to get on to the screens of such huge number of people.

This online photo and video sharing social network is much further generous than other of the social networks as it also allows its users to share their photos and videos on other social networking platforms, just by clicking a single button.

Instgram users in Pakistan are not much densely populated as of other social networks but if we look it worldwide, Instgram has surpassed Twitters 316 million users with gaining up 400 million users.

The fastest growing social networking platform is not very similar to its counterparts, as it is getting much popular, it has a glittering world inside. Many of the prominent stars and celebrities use Twitter as their first preference and most importantly newbies trying to rule the world are also uploading their captivating photos and videos to get popular among masses.

Many of the young models have entered the main stream line or have got into limelight just after they gain popularity on this social media platform.

Instgram was created by Kevin Systorm and Mike Kriger, and was later bought by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg in 2012 with marking a $1bn deal.

According to the sources, Instagram has reached 5 lakh users in Pakistan, despite this they are behind Twitter in terms of having max users in Pakistan. Twitter is the second most popular social network in Pakistan after Facebook and some reliable sources claim in coming times number of Instagram users in Pakistan will surpass Twitter users, as Twitter is even loosing its grip over its users worldwide.